• Isolation
  • Isolation
  • Isolation

Photography by Abraham Melecio
Published by But Whole Press
Typeface by Florian Karsten
San Francisco, 2023

From the artist:
“I moved to San Francisco almost three years ago, amidst the city’s strict lockdown. Businesses were closed and people were staying at home. It felt like a contradiction to move to a big city yet feel so alone. I carried a sense of anxiety and dread with me during this time, and the only thing that helped me feel somewhat normal was walking. I walked maybe five miles a day, aimlessly, through every neighborhood I could reach with just my legs. I wanted to get lost and explore every bit of the city as quickly as possible. The streets were empty, and time felt so slow. I began to pay attention to all the little things I never would have noticed in the normal hustle and bustle of the busy city. I didn’t have the goal of creating a body of work from these walks. In fact, it didn’t even dawn on me that the photos I was taking belonged to a singular body of work. Yet here we are, after years of exploring with my legs and my iPhone, I present to you: isolation.”